Synergistic Research SRX Cable Series

SRX is Synergistic Research's all-out assault on musical performance. Everything SR has learned over 30 years is applied without consideration for price point or compromise for the sake of creating a compact cable geometry. SR started with an exploded geometry first pioneered in the original Galileo System cables of 2009 to reduce cross-talk between individual hand-made Silver Air String geometries for the most refined sound possible. SR then voiced each cable to present not only a holographic soundstage with maximum resolution, SR made musicality and harmonic integrity the top priority when deciding between competing design and tuning elements within each cable. As a result, these are the most effortless and pure-sounding cables SR has ever manufactured.

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound writes (01/2022):
"...Ted Denney & Co.'s latest creation, the tunable, actively shielded, multi-stranded. pure six-nines-silver SRX cables and interconnects, are the most sophisticated products Synergistic Research has developed since SR's original Galileo. They are also the best sounding - by quite a margin..." (full review forthcoming)       

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