Sound Improvement Disk (SID)

Sound Improvement Disk (SID)
improves the sound of CD, SACD, DVD–A & DVD sound & picture. The Sound Improvement Disc is an accesory that is placed on top of the CD, results in a better separation of instruments and a much clearer reproduction of the voice.
The SID is the easiest and the least expensive way to upgrade your HI-FI system. The best way to hear the difference that the SID makes to the sound is to play a piece of well-known music for a maximum of 30 seconds without the SID, and then the same piece with the SID in place.

The SID is precision manufactured in Germany and is the most well-loved and widely used CD Mat in Europe.

All CDs are see through no matter if they are coloured or not. One only needs to take a small flashlight and hold it against the silver side of a CD to see that the light is visable through the disc. It is also possible to move the CD up to 1.3mm away from the laser. Being as the CD is only 1.2mm thick, it shows that it is possible for the laser to actually "see" right through the CD. With this in mind, the correction system reacts to the varying reflections it recognizes from the label, thus giving the system more work to do than necessary. With this in mind, it is clear that the sound will be very much smoother with the SID, as it has hardly any interruptions induced by false information from the correction system.

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