Synergistic Research Foundation SX Cable Series

Foundation SX Series Cables 

30-days Money Back Guarantee

Foundation Series cables started four years ago when SR's Lead Designer set out to distill 30 years of cable design into a single cable loom with performance capable of taking on giants at an approachable price. This led to the launch of the industry’s highest price-performance ratio cables, the Foundation Series. Fast forward three and a half years, and SR developed new technologies instrumental in making the SRX cable loom the world’s highest-performance price no-object cable line. During the SRX development program, SR landed on exploded Pure Silver Air String Geometries, where parallel cable runs based on Foundation Series Air Strings ran in parallel with newly developed technologies that combine to create the SRX cable loom.

SR has now applied all transferable SRX technologies, namely a new Long Duration High-Voltage Conditioning process and a new UEF Compound to Foundation SX for a massive leap in performance. Synergistic Research also includes Carbon UEF Tuning Discs so you can custom voice Foundation SX to your system or plug and play without custom voicing. The choice is yours and when you choose Foundation SX, you’ve selected the highest price/performance ratio cables in the world, guaranteed or you get your money back.

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