Synergistic Research Galileo Discovery Cable Series

Galileo Discovery is the 4th generation of the original Galileo LE, which was a direct evolution of the Tesla Series of 2007. Tesla, in turn, had its design roots in our Absolute Reference and Designers’ Reference series cables dating back to the mid-1990s. As a result, Galileo Discovery is the most evolved cable loom in Synergistic Research’s 30-year history, with over 25 years of continual development. To take Galileo to its highest performance level, SR continued with highly evolved Synergistic Research technologies and applied leading-edge SRX Cable technologies, starting with Long Duration, Multi-Frequency High Voltage Conditioning. Next, SE used a brand new UEF compound first developed for SRX cables and Purple Fuses to deliver an impossible level of detail and musicality in a single cable loom. And to perfectly voice Galileo Discovery to your system, SR included Carbon Fiber UEF Tuning Circuits first developed for the top-of-the-line SRX cable loom to deliver a bespoke match to your system.

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