Audio Desk

The man behind the company, Audio Desk is Reiner Gläss. Reiner Gläss isn't an inventor in the typical abstract meaning of the word, a character like Daniel Düsentrieb. Reiner Gläss analyzes, with his increasing knowledge and experience and questions, facts that most people simply accept. This questioning develops into a process which begins with understanding the basic process and leads to a producible prototype or straight into a small series product.

Reiner Gläss is an inventor.
He lives and works in Baden-Württemberg, just like Messrs Bosch and Daimler and numerous engineers, technicians and craftsmen that over the years have transformed this area renowned for its picturesque countryside into an area equally famous for researchers and developers. Perhaps it is the specific local mixture of clear analysis, surprising ingenuity and the enterprising spirit that has led Reiner Gläss to develop and market his inventions.

A solid precision mechanics apprenticeship at Carl Zeiss enabled Reiner Gläss to realise his good ideas in adequate quality. His distinctive feeling for design has been reflected by unique functional and attractive products that are respected all around the globe.

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