ICHOS Loudspeaker

ICHOS loudspeakers

ICHOS loudspeaker is a manufacturer located in the city of music - Vienna, Austria. Designer and owner is Robert Rothleitner. All construction elements are produced with closest tolerances according to the designers specifications. The entire range of loudspeakers is a genuine Austrian hand-made, labor-intensive product.

The centerpiece of ICHOS' sound converters are wideband drivers supported by hand-made cabinets with customized back-loaded, downward-facing horns and augmented by custom-made tweeters. As a result ICHOS loudspeakers produce a vibrant, natural acoustic pattern with an accurate, tight bass and a high sensitivity - from 92dB of the entry model to 100dB of the top model. Due to this rather elaborate construction and a very strong reinforcement inside the cabinet, feedback and vibrations are prevented.

ICHOS loudspeakers have special properties and characteristics due to a labor-intensive treatment of their membranes with mineral-based material, several oils and a special varnish. This particular treatment takes up to eight weeks. Before being fitted into the high-grade, handcrafted cases,  every sound converter is properly burned-in for many hours. Together with the tweeter, ICHOS speakers achieve a crystal clear and subtly nuanced sound reproduction with a large dynamic scale and heavily boosted sound pressure level.

Simply said, ICHOS loudspeakers are a work of art due to multiple processes of painstaking handiwork and attention to detail. Fine tuning is done with the aid of exceptionally gifted musicians during many listening sessions. Speaker customizations are not only possible, but are welcomed.


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