Alto-Extremo from Germany has been around for more than 10 years. In this time Alto-Extremo has made successful developments to optimize resonance transfer. The outcome so far is seven different absorbers. 

10 Years Alto-Extremo and still improving
 - After a long test phase the new Neo-Flex, based on magnetic-repulsion, are ready
 - Development and production in Germany
 - The operational safety is important, therefore the anti-slip rings were developed
 - Since January 2016 higher quality materials are used for all NeoFlex absorber

When used properly, Alto-Extremo's absorbers create unprecedented sound quality with better three-dimensionality, clearly defined instruments and outstanding dynamics. Alto-Extremo strive to make their absorbers as flexible as possible so that they deliver optimal results regardless of how you use them.

Below a chart showing all Alto-Extremo models and their optimal uses:

Alto-Extremo Absorber Chart

What makes an absorber good?
The first criteria is how well the absorbers transfer and eliminate vibration. The absorber must also function with as many different devices as possible. The base of the device should not be a significant factor, however the absorber should be an aesthetically pleasing part of the device. Alto-Extremo's absorbers are optimized to produce the most natural sound possible. They are equipped with a dampening or absorbing component, either a damper ring or Delrin. Thanks to the damper ring, Lyd absorbers can also be used for a variety of purposes.

How are Alto-Extremo's absorbers different from other products?
At first glance Alto-Extremo's absorbers don't really look different, but many design details and the optimal manner in which the different components work together make them very unique and effective. Alto-Extremo took great pains to find the perfect materials and shapes.

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