Alto-Extremo Exact 2


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Alto-Extremo Exact 2

The big brother of the original Exact 1. A larger housing, the optimized material mix (steel, bronze, delrin) and the resonance dissipation of the ball support, the Exact 2 is better than the Exact 1 in all respects, without neglecting its precise three-dimensionality and differentiated dynamics. The Exact 2 sounds adult and can damp vibrations even better than the Exact 2. An expert in hi-fi devices and speakers. With M4 thread for direct mounting.

Set of three: US $319.-
Set of four:   US $419.-

The Lyd Technology
Lyd technology makes these absorbers very flexible. With the outer damping ring the absorber’s effect is magnified. Try the absorber with the damping ring on the device as well as on the surface itself. Try the absorber with the damping ring side to the ground and you minimize vibrations from the device and disconnect the ground. If you use the absorber with the damping ring side to the device you disconnect the device and minimize vibrations from the ground.

Alto-Extremo Lyd Technology

The self-adjusting puck compensates for uneven floor surfaces. The inner component is flexible. They can tilt to the side, if the floor is uneven. If you have an older wooden floor or a uneven tile ground, the Lyd and Exact can compensate that. That's no height adjustment.

 - 30 mm high
 - 49 mm diameter
 with M4 thread

Weight: 120g each (4 oz)

Load capacity:
 - 40 kg per absorber

Jay Garrett, stereonet,com (Aug. 2018):
"...overall, the improvements brought by the Alto-Extremo Prestige Exact isolation feet were neither subtle nor slight. With the isolators in place, especially underneath the CD player and amp, listening was a more emotional experience. In fact, I found myself discovering micro-details in the music that I hadn't heard before, no matter the genre being played. The 'Made in Germany' label is proudly displayed, and rightfully so as Alto-Extremo's engineering is direct and effective. I'd suggest that you'd have to spend substantially more on component upgrades to achieve similar performance improvements..."
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Alto-Extremo Absorber Chart

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