Albat Magic Chips


$50.00 USD 

Albat Magic Chips -  the tuning product for sound carriers!

Stuck to a CD / DVD / Vinyl record (see photos), the bioenergetic MAGIC CHIP ensures a  cleaner, more powerful and higher-resolution sound reproduction.

And the best part: The sound improvement is - indefinitely - permanently stronger, stronger and stronger!  This means that the sound carrier treated will always sound better the next time you hear it than it did the last time.

Not possible?  Just try it out!

The French amplifier manufacturer and Diapason d'or award winner Jean Luc Benoist writes about the Magic Chip:
"...locks and doors open, curtains fall and the real thing in the recording becomes more and more present - especially with recordings that are considered to be difficult in terms of sound..."

Dimension: 15mm in diameter
Price: $50 set/5 /  $95 set/10

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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