a company based in Germany, has been around for many years. HiFi Tuning is very well-known all over Europe for manufacturing high quality audio-grade fuses and other accessories. Fortunately the US market discovered Bernd Ahne's fuses a few years ago.

The HiFi-Tuning gold-plate-over-silver fuses have won many awards and have been tested and received great reviews from experts in the audiophile community and press all over the world. The latest version - the Supreme fuse - exceeds all expectations and belongs to the best fuses in the world today.

99% Silver + 1% Gold = 100% Sound

The Supreme's caps and burn wire are made from a Silver/Gold alloy, even the solder (Mundorf) is Gold/Silver, and of course, like all HiFi-Tuning fuses, the Supremes are deep cryo treated!

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