HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuses

Hi-Fi Tuning

$75.00 USD 

The latest development of HiFi-Tuning in Berlin is the unplated "Supreme" fuse. Even better than the predecessor "SilverStar"! The performance exceeded all expectations and the Supreme fuses became a Top Seller!

99% Silver + 1% Gold = 100% Sound

Caps and burn wire is made from a Silver/Gold alloy, even the solder (Mundorf) is Gold/Silver, and of course, like all HiFi-Tuning fuses, the "Supremes" are deep cryo treated!

HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuses are availble in many variants - small (5x20mm), large (6.3x32mm), fast blow (F) and slow blow (T) and the price is $59.95 for the small Supreme and $89.95 for the large Supreme.

Mike Silverton, StereoTimes, January 2012:
"...I like what these tiny items do. Moreover, HiFi-Tuning’s top-of-the-line fuses are a screaming bargain. But remember, you need to test for directionality. It’s important..." Check out the review

Michael Voigt, German print magazine HiFi Test, August 2011:
"I have never heard a sound tuning with such clearly audible improvements for only around $60! Replacing a standard fuse with a HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuse can improve your sound system as much as 100%! Amazing, astonishing, tested by us and proven to be true: Supreme cartridge fuses for around $60 are one of the best investments you can make - try them!" Check it out

Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback Online, March 2011:
"...the overall result with the HiFi-Tuning Supreme3 fuses in place is an enriched clarity to the entire audio spectrum, advancing resolution in an involving manner, becoming crisper without adding glare, grain, or edginess, combined with a more natural presentation of tonality, texture, and soundstaging. They afford a heightened sense of reality, with the music being at once much more natural sounding and open, flowing with more dynamic involvement and greater vibrancy. They nudge the entire system toward a slightly more organic, authentic nature."

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