Albat Holographic Chips


$9.00 USD 

The new Holographic chips from Albat are based on their Wizard coating technology developed for Le Mans and Formula 1 racing cars. The chips can be combined with all Albat sound tuning products.

Once they’re attached, not only to your hi-fi system (amplifiers, speakers, power strips, plugs, cables, etc.), but also to anything that affects the sound of a system (e.g. furniture, racks, spikes, etc.) they will give you a more powerful sound with a nearly holographic image and the typical “Albat-like” fascinating reproduction of micro-details.

One chip is enough for clearly perceptible sound optimization of each device or object, but you can use as many chips on your devices and in your listening room as you like. Each chip lets you dive even deeper into the music.

This product overrides the technical limitations of HiFi and sound systems, allowing you to bring your chain up to a level of quality that will be the envy of owners of extremely expensive equipment.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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