HighEnd Novum

HighEnd Novum
is a company from Germany, founded by Michael Jungblut, that has made unique innovations in the field of room acoustics and resonance technology with products handmade from bell bronze.  

For every single HighEnd Novum PMR a two-sand mold is produced before it's cast by hand in a German foundry

HighEnd Novum PMR's are high-resonating systems that overlays the musical harmonics. This is achieved by:

  • a precisely tuned bronze alloy
  • the specific dimensions
  • the specific design with various angles

The PMR is not comparable to other resonators available on the market today. These other resonators produce even harmonics, but usually change the tone of the sound with "false" harmonics, e.g. a trumpet should sound like a trumpet, but with the wrong harmonics, it can sound like a completely different, or synthetic instrument. The PMR produces only  harmonics that are perceived by the human ear as pleasant and harmonious. The sounds of music are heard as natural. These "right" overtones are the result of decades of sound research. And by the way... bell bronze is the only material that can reproduce all overtones of the musical scale.  This know-how is now being implemented  - world exclusive for the first time as a resonator in the PMR.

Placement of the PMR:
The PMR can be placed almost anywhere in the listening room. A comprehensive installation manual is supplied with each PMR.

The result:
By overlaying the music with a full scale of multi-vocal overtones, more detailed sound is produced. The music gets more momentum and energy, the presentation of the instruments is more realistic, more solid and three-dimensional. The spatial imaging is increased in all directions. The result is again a natural and authentic sound experience with beautiful sounds.

Does the PMR fit in my system?
Yes! Since there are no hi-fi systems with perfect harmonics, the PMR will improve every hi-fi system!

CLICK HERE to see how HighEnd Novum customers use the PMRs in their listening rooms.  

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