HighEnd Novum PMR LP One

HighEnd Novum

$645.00 USD 

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The PMR LP ONE follows the same principle and concept as the other multi-vocal resonators (PMRs) and therefore, in addition to enhancements to the sound of the turntable, offers a degree of tonal value in the room acoustics as well.

Its main task is to achieve, as record weight, exceptional sound improvements to the analog system. This is accomplished by its alloy, casting type and calculation of form with FEM (Finite Element Method).

Even minimal interferences in the audio signal and unwanted resonances are removed to a high degree by the LP ONE as a result of the vibrational properties of its special bronze alloy and material properties. The turntable's drive is steadied and runs stress-relieved like never before. Therefore the audio signal cannot pass on "contaminations" to the listener. This provides a highly pure audio signal in a previously unheard fidelity.

 The listener experiences for the first time a product that performs two essential functions necessary for the perfect-sounding vinyl record:

  • A special weight with optimal material properties
  • A room resonator - either alone or in addition to other PMRs

The discerning listener hears more sounds, body, strength, charm, and a natural decay.

Dimensions: The LP ONE measures 2.4 cm in height - the diameter is 8.9 cm at the top and 4.4 cm at the bottom. With a weight of 230 g the LP ONE provides ideal properties for its function as a record clamp/weight.


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