Cantano is a project that arose out of a love for music by CNC-Fertigung Gronemann in Berlin. For 12 years the jewel of the company has been continuously developed, honed, perfected, and refined with passion and dedication. The search for the perfect sound has been the motivation for the company’s founder Oliver von Zedlitz and his team. Without compromises.

The latest CNC technology, strict quality control, and a high degree of attention to detail form the basis of each Cantano product. Each tonearm, each drive has been carefully refined by hand, inspected, and tested before delivery. Maintaining the highest levels in precision and quality is a standard to be accommodated anew each day.

Years of use, experience, and passion have paid off. We have created something unique. For us, for all music lovers, for you. Cantano. Pure sound.

Oliver von Zedlitz, Founder and CEO:
"Most of manufacturers are trying to reach neutral sound while damping. Primary goal in the concept of our turntables is the perfect coordination of the individual components.", "We are reaching a balanced and clear sound while a perfect coordination of all used materials. Trust your ears. Only because a brand is more famous, it does not mean, it provides a better quality."

Philipp Petzka, Head of international distribution:
"My heart beats for nature and quality. The products of Cantano are qualitatively defined to a degree, which is unequaled. Simultaneously, natural materials, like slate or solid wood, are used, which makes especially the drives appearance incredibly aesthetic.", "Cantano can and will arise to one of the leading manufacturers of high-end turntables, worldwide. Qualitatively and aesthetically, there is nothing comparable. At the same time, we are operating a truly fair price policy."

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