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KR Audio
located in the heart of Europe, in Prague, the Czech Republic, KR Audio is the world leader in the production of low-frequency power triodes and hi-end audio equipment.

Dr. Ricardo Kron and his wife Dr. Eunice Kron founded KR Audio Electronics in 1992. After Dr. Kron passed away in 2002, Eunice carried on his life's work with the KR team, producing the world's most musical and realistic amplifier using the huge T-1610 audio triode. All KR Audio products are hand-crafted by old-world artisans - some even of the second and third generation. This is the key to the extraordinary quality of all KR Audio products.

Check out a video that was made at the KR Audio factory in Prague and broadcasted on US television.

 Nothing comes closer to live music than KR's sound reproduction. A KR Audio amplifier in a sound system gives the listener increased dynamics, greater detail from the recording, be it vinyl or CD, and an almost tangible imaging. KR Audio has designed and currently builds 15 different tube amplifier models for all tastes in Hi-Fi, including two completely solid state sets. KR continues to manufacture tubes, currently manufacturing 12 models. KR Audio is renowned world-wide as the inventor of the Kronzilla amps and the KR T-1610 tube, which is the largest and most powerful audio tube ever made!

Latest Awards

  • December 2013 AUDIO magazine Germany "Absolute Reference of any class - 140 Points" - Kronzilla VA680
  • October 2013 HiFi News UK magazine's "ULTIMATE Hi-Fi 2013 AWARD" - Kronzilla SXi
  • August 2013 HiFi News UK magazine's "OUTSTANDING PRODUCT AWARD" - Kronzilla SXi
  • June 2013 "Gold Show Award T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 - BEST SOUND" - P130/Kronzilla SX driving Voxativ Due
  • May 2013 "Select Component Award" - VA340 MkII integrated single-ended amplifier
  • March 2013 Stereo Mojo "Specific Recommendation" - VA880 integrated push-pull amplifier
  • October 2012 AV Showroom's "Gold Show Award RMAF 2012 - BEST SOUND" - P130/Kronzilla SX driving Voxativ
  • April 2012 ReMusic's "Spark in the Dark" Award for the VA350 integrated amplifier
  • October 2010 Stereo Mojo Award "Best Integrated Amp at the RMAF" for the Kronzilla SXi MKII
  • May 2010 "Manufacturer's Special Tribute" to KR Audio Electronics
  • February 2010 Music Emotion Magazine
  • November 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark "BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW" for the Kronzilla DM monoblocks
  • 2009 HiFi Voice "RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS" for the Antares VA320 20 wattsRMS stereo amplifier
  • May 2009, Munich Hi-End Show "BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW Hi-End 2009" for the Kronzilla SXI
  • 2008 High Fidelity Magazine "BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" for the Kronzilla SXI stereo integrated amplifier
  • March 2008 Stereoplay "BEST STEREO in its category" for the Kronzilla SXI stereo integrated amplifier


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