KR Audio Kronzilla DXL Mono-block Amplifiers

KR Audio

$44,000.00 USD 

Kronzilla DXL Mono-block Amplifiers

Mono-block tube amplifiers. 140 + 140 Watts RMS

Description push-pull tube amplifier - pure class A, zero feedback
Output Tubes 2x T1610 (per mono-block)
Output Power  2x 140W RMS (THD = 3%)
Bandwidth 20Hz - 20kHz (-3dB)
Output Impedance 4 / 8 Ohm
Input  1V RMS / 47 kOhms at 50W
Dimensions - w x h x d 38.5 x 41.5 x 55 cm (each mono-block)
Weight  Approx. 37 kg (each mono-block)


Mike Malinowski of (Aug. 2013):
"...when I first installed the DXL I anxiously envisioned the virtues of class A triode sound with the hope and concern of true ability to drive a real-world system to concert hall and rock levels. They met these expectations and far more. They are reference quality, magical, seductive, dynamic and transparent with a holographic soundstage. At this level of exotic amplification and contrary to conventional wisdom, the design paths of great amps do not necessarily converge sonically. And that's good. Even those who claim utter neutrality can end up at different points on the musical spectrum. If you look for a unique visual statement and a piece of musical art, the DXL deserves an audition with those who demand the best. That just about sums up the Kronzillas – a stunning visual and sonic statement that takes its respected place in the world of state-of-art tube amplifiers..."
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