Marigo Audio Lab

Marigo Audio Lab
Manufacturer of Audio/Video cables, power conditioner and other tuning products from Portland, Oregon has been around for many years. The MARIGO AUDIO CD MAT for CD & DVD utilizes revolutionary and proprietary coatings which are nearly transparent.

With the MARIGO AUDIO CD MAT in a CD transport or a DVD player, you will see and hear a dramatic improvement. Inner detail, resolution, and ambient information is enhanced tremendously in audio replay. The harmonic structure of instruments and human voice are revealed to be strikingly more lifelike.

NEW! Now brand new introducing: Marigo Clear Transformation CD-Mat. New resonance control, static dissipation and shielding technologies work synergistically together to create a significantly higher level of digital performance. You will be amazed by the dramatic improvement in dimensonality, resolution, bass definition, high frequency purity and ambient information retrieval.

This new CD mat can lift your system to a completely new level - indispensable!

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