Voxativ from Berlin, Germany is manufacturer of high end full range drivers and also crafts loudspeakers using the same finishing technique as is used by acclaimed piano manufacturers worldwide. The synergy of high-tech and 125 years of expierience in crafting pianos culminates in a fantastic loudspeaker series. Voxativ also manufactures tube electronics of the highest quality.

Voxativ's Ampeggio loudspeakers are a breakthrough you simply have to hear to appreciate. VOXATIV Ampeggio means there is at last a backloaded horn that sounds.

Holger Adler, owner designer and mastermind behind Voxativ, began experimenting with widebanders in the 1980s. After finishing his engineering studies with a master's degree, he worked for Daimler's Mercedes Benz diesel section where he developed engine electronics, ECUs and software. He holds 14 patents on diesel combustion, injection and exhaust treatments.

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Quality Assurance: All VOXATIV loudspeakers are highly-developed systems which we design and build ourselves in their entirety. We use only the highest-grade materials, assembling and calibrating each unit manually in Germany.

Before delivery, we subject all our loudspeakers to a 24-hour endurance test followed by a further detailed inspection. This ensures that you receive a premium product built to the very highest precision. It results in a sound which is a delight to experience, even for those with little interest in hifi.

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