Voxativ Ampeggio 2024


$13,900.00 USD 

After countless requests, Voxativ brings the Ampeggio back into serial production.

It’s success launched Voxativ onto the scene over a decade ago when Stereophile awarded it Product of the Year. But they learned a lot over the past 12 years. So, it will return with a new, perfectly tuned driver, a delicately modified horn mouth, finessed contour and redesigned support system.

To commemorate the return, this backloaded horn with AST® optimized cabinet now sings full-throated via the magnetic wonder that is Voxativ's hand-crafted AC-1.9 or the new AC-4B driver, available with paper or woodcone (starting from $13,900).

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  • Frequency response: 40 - 20,000 Hz
  • Driver : VOXATIV AC-1.9, AC-4B
  • Efficiency: 100dB / 1W / 1m
  • Dimensions:  16x47x16" (40x120x40cm WxHxD)
  • Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)

The Voxativ Ampeggio is a backloaded horn and now in its new Signature version powered by Voxativ's largest neodymium driver - the AC-4D. It was chosen as the Stereophile 2011 Product Of The Year and was also awarded with Japan's Grand Prix 2013 Award.
The Ampeggio Signature offers speed, delicacy and realism which must be experienced in order to be appreciated. With a sensitivity of 101dB and impedance of 10 Ohms, the Ampeggio Signature exploits the magic of low-powered valve amplifiers.

All aspects of the Ampeggio Signature are entirely built by hand with the most zealous attention to detail. In the noble tradition of piano craftsmanship, the Ampeggio cabinet contains fine tone wood and is impeccably finished. Voxativ insists that the hand polished lacquer be applied in no less than thirteen applications.

Solid-core copper cable and solid copper binding posts are used internally and no crossover components or electronics of any sort are employed. The sound is optimized purely by the mechanical excellence of the driver and cabinet.


Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound (Highend Show Munich, May 2013):
"...their sound was extraordinarily present, a little lightweight in balance, but exceptionally open, boxless, and detailed. In the midrange single-driver speakers are nearly impossible to beat for sheer liveliness and life, especially on voice...for their midband realism alone, the Pi and especially the new Ampeggio were Best Of Show contenders..." 

Peter Breuniger - AV Showrooms (RMAF, October 2012):
"...the most involving and intimate sound was to be had from the Voxativ loudspeaker being driven by KR amplifiers."
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Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile (RMAF, October 2012 ):
"...extremely impressive, solid, warm and inviting sound. 'A cut above the rest' I wrote in my notes..."

Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile (T.H.E. Show Newport, June 2012):
 "...This single-driver, ultra-sensitive speaker headlined an excellent line-up from Alfred Kainz's highend-electronics, Inc. that led me to write in my notes: Beautiful! Remarkably close to natural sound. The highs are wonderful, especially the cymbals." 

Customer feedback (T.H.E. Show Newport, June 2012):
 "...This was the most musically involving and musically 'correct' system I have ever heard. I have never felt so emotionally connected with the music"

Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound (RMAF October 2011):
"The Schimmel...I can tell you this: On the Gospel Ship cut of Joan Baez in Concert no other speaker at RMAF sounded as lovely, lithe, and lively as the Ampeggios. It was the most natural reproduction of voice I heard at the show..." 

Clark Johnson - Positive Feedback Online (T.H.E. Show Newport, June 2011 ):
"...in the Highend-Electronics room we encounter magnificent one-way sound from the German Voxativ loudspeakers driven by KR amps... the Ella cut I've been playing around, on a CD-R made from a 1963 master tape, sounds better than ever!"

NEW: Ken Micallef of Stereophile wrote (June 2024):
"...every loudspeaker I've reviewed for Stereophile has had strengths and weaknesses, though a few were so good—and affordable enough—that I bought them. I would buy the Voxativ Ampeggio if I could. What else is there to say? If tonal purity, textural beauty, instrumental layering, a deep soundstage, and nearly live dynamics is your thing, the Voxativ Ampeggio may be your speaker—maybe the last one you ever buy. I wish it were mine..."
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Winner of Product of the Year 2011 Award (Stereophile December 2011)
 "...clearly, the Voxativ Ampeggio fuels our passion for music. And with that in mind, it really should come as no suprise that this strange new speaker is our Product of the Year 2011. In its design, appearance, and sound, the Voxativ Ampeggio is bold, beautiful, distinct, and fun - a product to admire, love, and honor. Congratulations Voxativ - and thanks!"
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Art Dudley of Stereophile wrote (August 2011):
"...the Voxativ Ampeggios showed the same considerable transient speed, spatial presence, dramatic ease, and physical impact as the best Lowther applications I've heard - and lacked the English speakers' most egregious flaws."

"Low frequency tones, from just below 40Hz and up, had real power, color, and physicality via the Voxativs... Midrange sounds were open, clear, and stunningly present: the kind of playback performance that makes use of the word transparent not only forgivable but almost mandatory. The trebles were similarly clear... and, perhaps most important of all, there was no upper-mid response peak. No shout. No glare. No shit!"

"...the Voxativ Ampeggio went beyond sounding good: More than once, with too many records to mention, I found myself stopping to marvel at its brilliantly good pitch certainty... I was able to enjoy everything I played through them - not just as sound but as music - without fatigue, frustration, or, worst of all, lack of interest."

"...the sort of spatial presentation that some audio perfectionists cherish: a deep and sizable chunk of pure, open sound, mined from the original quarry and transported to the listener's room, "air" and all: The Voxativs, more than any other flea-wart-friendly speakers with which I'm familiar, did the soundstaging thing. In spades."

 More than just a Lowther without a shout, this is a Lowther with a foundation, a Lowther with real bass - a high efficiency, single-driver loudspeaker for which no excuses need be made. Just a few years after giving up on the idea, I've now encountered a single-driver dynamic speaker I could live with; in most audio reviews that's faint praise, but in this one it's a revelation. In the months ahead, I'm certain the Voxativ Ampeggio will change many more minds..." check out the entire review

Srajan Ebaen of 6moons.com wrote (September 2010):
"...Ines Adler's Ampeggio appears to be a milestone in modern widebanders... it's presently one of the most compelling samples of the breed and surely the best I've encountered by not a small margin. The Ampeggio also is a musical instrument not merely on looks or because of who makes it. It's a musical instrument in how its superior time domain performance establishes proper harmonic fidelity in ways that read abstract or poetic but in the listening seat communicate themselves without any mouthfuls of fancy words."

"Be assured though that the Voxativ Ampeggio goes places no Lowther I've ever heard has before... In my book then, this is a breakthrough."
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