Albat Sound Tuning

Albat Bioenergetic Solutions

Albat Bioenergetic Solutions is a manufacturer of high tech products from Germany owned by Mr. Heiko Albat.

Albat designs bioenergetic chips and cards for various applications, such as car and bike tuning, motor racing, sports, human vitality, health and sound tuning.

Albat's technology is designed to optimize and improve specific material characteristics, e.g. resonance behavior, resistance, conductibility, and others. Since Albat's technology and products seemingly defy the laws of physics, they are often dismissed as voodoo. But be assured they do work! We tried and use Albat's sound tuning products ourselves and therefore can recommend them to our customers. Try it for yourself with a No-Risk 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  

The future is now - especially for open-minded folks.

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