Albat System Optimizer Card PLUS


$359.00 USD 

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Lightweight and easy to use but strong on the sound !

Place the "System Optimizer Card PLUS", which has been specially treated with Albat Holographic technology, on the amplifier of your hi-fi system and experience how the sound is immediately influenced via the electrical current flowing through the amplifier to all connected devices. By influencing the entire system simultaneously, the prescence, spaciality and transparency are improved and you will hear many fascinating micro-details for the first time.

This card can be combined with all other Albat sound tuning products.

Important note: One "System Optimizer Card plus" per hifi system is sufficient. Due to the individual card programming, using more cards, e.g. on CD players, turntables, speakers, etc., bring no additional advantage.

Dimensions: same size as a credit card.

This card comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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