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Small things often make a big difference...

FINALLY BACK! THE KLANGTUCH IV - a new and improved version of the Klangtuch III - made from a newly developed ultra-microfiber is especially for digital audio and video discs. It cleans and removes electrostatic charges from CD, SACD, DVD and BluRayDisc.

It may sound strange, weird, perhaps impossible, but this special 11.5" by 11.5" soft anti-static cloth can improve the sound and picture of your CDs, SACDs, DVDs and BluRays' in a big way. The "KLANGTUCH IV" can do that for you and is definitely worth every penny! Manufactured in Germany and developed by the German sound-tinker Andreas Jungblut, owner of "ahp - Audiophile Hifi-Products", who also developed one of best high-end fuses - The Critical Link.

The KLANGTUCH IV is machine/washable-warm (60°C or 140°F). DO NOT USE A FABRIC SOFTENER!

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 ARS - Magazin fuer Musik und mehr - issue 02/2006:

 "...I'm a Jazz lover, especially small setups with acoustic instrumentation and vocal. What I first noticed was the absolute quitness in the sound impression that suddenly appeared between tones, instruments and voices. More realism and naturalness, smoother femal voices, less sibilant sound..."

"...the best thing is, it works on DVD as well! It sharpens the picture and the sound gets better like the CD. Truly an outstanding cloth for a bargain price."

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