"Sometimes you like vibrations... 
                             sometimes you prefer stability."

That is Gregitek’s motto. Gregitek from Italy, manufacturer of high-end isolation footers, platforms, component racks, speakers, speaker stands and cables.

With over 40 years experience with industrial vibration control, designer Gregorio Giust has applied his engineering skills to unique resonance control designs fantastically finished and handmade in the finest Italian art.

Gregorio Giust is a long time hifi enthusiast and audiophile. But first and foremost, he is an expert in the maintenance of electric engines and pumps. Gregorio has 40 years of experience studying and eliminating vibrations in numerous applications.

The goal of the firm is to design and manufacture anti-vibration products that are based on solid technical knowledge and measurements, fine-tuned by ear. More than 50% is crafted by hand in the finest Italien art. Gregitek's latest development is the fantastic Omega Reference cable series and amazing loudspeakers.

Put all this facts together and what you get is exceptional quality of the highest level with outstanding performance! 

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