Gregitek CL1 LP Clamp


$395.00 USD 

The new CL1 LP is an LP Clamp/Weight designed to dissipate vibrations. The middle part of the CL1 LP is a dynamic damper (dynamic energy dissipator), similar to Gregitek’s Stab1 platform and Stabtower component rack. It sits on a spring and can wobble freely up and down to counteract vibrations entering the LP Clamp. By turning the upper part left or right, the dynamic damper tightens or loosens which allows you to fine tune the sound. 

This device is very effective. By removing micro vibrations it improves 3D imaging, voices are more present, instruments are better pronounced, and more... it just makes your analog playback sound better.

Attention! The CL1 LP Clamp is not usable for turntables with spindles longer than 1/2 inch.
- weight is approx. 1 lbs. 5 oz.
- size is 3.75 inches in diameter by 2.5 inches height
- comes in a wooden box

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