Synergistic Research SR30 Cable Series

SR30 Cables - 30-years in development.

The SR30 cable loom celebrates 30 years of dedication to creating synergy in audio systems. Synergistic Research took everything they have learned since 1992, including brand new cutting-edge technologies first developed for the SRX and Atmosphere SX cable looms. Then, rolled it all into the most affordable cables so everyone could enjoy the Synergistic Research sound. SR starts with OFC copper conductors and UEF Matrix shielding with Graphene for an ultra-low noise floor and natural detail and sound staging. SR then adds the new Carbon Tuning Discs so you can voice SR30 cables to your system - listen with the included Gold and Purple Tuning Discs and select the option that best matches your stereo. Or use them straight if bespoke tuning is not your thing, either way, the SR30 loom competes favorably against cables several times more expensive. Sold with a no questions asked 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

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