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New arrival: Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 SX

Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 SX
The brand new PowerCell 8 SX reimagines power conditioning by incorporating every available technology from SR's portfolio into a compact, ultra-performance unit.

Engineered from a clean slate, it brings together an array of advanced features within a sleek, solid chassis crafted from machined aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber to control resonance; it’s form dictated by its role as one of the world’s highest-performance non-current limiting line conditioners. MSRP starts with $3,995. 

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New arrival: Synergistic Research PINK Quantum Fuses

Synergistic Reseach PINK Quantum FusesThe brand new PINK Quantum Fuse infuses your music with realistic warmth, added resolution and dynamics, plus the lowest noise floor ever. Two major technological developments from Synergistic Research contribute to the improvements. 

SR was in the final stages of development for a new flagship product, slated to launch later this year, with a new UEF compound that proved perfect for a new fuse. And so, the new Pink Fuse is born albeit six months late, the child of Voodoo’s high voltage conditioning process, and a new UEF compound first developed for a yet-to-be-announced flagship product. Global MSRP is $249.95 ea.

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New arrival: Valvet E4 single-ended solid-state Class-A mono-blocks

Valvet E4 single-ended solid-state Class-A mono-blocksBRAND NEW - JUST ARRIVED FROM GERMANY!
The E4 mono power amplifiers have an output power of 12 watts at 8 ohms and 20 watts at 4 ohms. This doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but these mono-blocks can also do amazing things on speakers with an efficiency as low as 89dB. The E4, powered by 2x 500 watt toroidal transformers, work in single-ended Class-A operation only with a single power transistor in the output stage. 

A good single-ended Class-A design conveys music with a charm that other power amplifier concepts rarely or never achieve. The Valet E4 offer sound quality of a single-ended Class-A tube amplifier without its disadvantages (tube wear, poor bass control). MSRP is $7,990.

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New product release: Audio Magic M-2 Beeswax fuses

Audio Magic M-2 Beeswax Fuses
BRAND NEW! M-2 Beeswax fuses!

The M-2, replacing the M-1 fuse, has been in development for over a year and finally meets Audio Magic's criteria for sonic excellence and provides a very noticeable improvement over any other fuse Audio Magic has developed in the past. The M-2 is the most labor-intensive fuse in their line up by far. The MSRP of $300 remains the same. Lead-time is 7-10 days and now available for UK-Plugs (F13A).

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New arrival: Synergistic Research Voodoo Music Streaming Server

Synergistic Research Voodoo Streaming Music Server

SR's new Voodoo Music Streaming Server employs Roon software, known for its user-friendly interface and customizable features, enhancing the overall music listening experience. Roon combines various music sources and provides enriched content like artist bios and lyrics, contributing to its exceptional sound quality. This server, with its integration of Roon, stands out for both its ease of use and the high-quality audio experience it offers. MSRP is $14,995.

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New product: Voxativ Andagio single driver horn-speaker with Fieldcoil driver

Voxativ Andagio single-driver horn speakersThe brand new Andagio is equipped with a Voxativ fieldcoil driver – nothing else. No crossover components or electronics of any kind are used inside the cabinet. The sound of this iconic loudspeaker is optimized purely by the mechanical combination of hand-crafted driver and acoustically tuned cabinet. 

The Andagio produces an expansive soundstage and phenomenal bass response - yet the voices reproduced always remain silky-smooth, transparent, and full of rich detail and impresses with explosive dynamics and a phenomenal stage impression. Starting with $32,900 and soon in our showroom.
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New review and award: Voxativ T-211 integrated tube amp

Voxativ T-211 integrated tube amplifier
Volker Frech of the German magazine "Lite" wrote:

"...the Voxativ T-211 proves to be a breathtaking, exceptional amplifier in every respect: its appearance impresses with its unique design and material-intensive, complex manufacturing process... the reproduction has an outstanding freshness and vitality, a wonderful harmony and naturalness... the T-211 delivers great dynamics, incredible intensity - and overall, a thrilling reproduction that leaves you wanting more when listening to music. The T-211 presents itself as an audiophile highlight..."
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New Award: Aurorasound HFSA-01 receives StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component 2023 Award

Aurorasound HFSA-01 Most Wanted Component 2023 Award
David Abramson of StereoTimes writes:

"...there’s a certain potency in the Aurorasound HFSA-01’s austere, retro appearance that just says "Amplifier: hold the frills." It quickly adds, "But I’m also adorable. Please take me home." And so, at the end of my review period, I did! When paired with sufficiently efficient speakers, it is illuminating, vibrant, detailed, and surprisingly dynamic, all wrapped up in just a hint of EL84 tube warmth. Bespoke Japanese transformers lend it among the jettest of jet-black backgrounds, and there is nary any electrical self-noise to speak of. If you can get away with (a feisty) 14 watts and think remote controls are for televisions and massage chairs, the Aurorasound HFSA-01 will thrill you with its operational simplicity, retro good looks, and sonic purity. A 30-day trial period and a selection of optional Synergistic Research fuse upgrades clinch the deal..."

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New arrival: Synergistic's Top-of-the-Line SRX Ethernet and USB Cables

Synergistic Research SRX Ethernet and USB Cables
JUST ARRIVED - SR's new SRX Ethernet and USB cables.

SRX Ethernet and USB share the same hallmarks as the rest of the SRX lineup. Namely, an ultra-low noise floor with inner detail, dynamics, and holographic realism to rival the best analog playback while setting a new digital benchmark. MSRP is $5995 for 1.0m.

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New arrival: Synergistic Research Performance Enhancer RCA Filter

Synergistic Research Performance Enhancer RCA Filter

BRAND NEW - RCA Filters now available.

Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer XLR & RCA are new UEF filter that lowers your system’s noise floor, so you hear more music with greater clarity and less noise for sweeter highs. Already available for Ethernet, USB and A/C and now for open/unused XLR and RCA. The Global MSRP is $395 each. 

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