CA Electronics

CA Electronics
is a company from the Netherlands, manufacturing high-efficient resonance damping, isolation and shielding products from pure ceramic material. Their high-end workshop craftsmanship is coupled with the latest computer-controlled machinery and computer-aided models. Outsourcing production would be much easier, but they want to keep every possible opportunity to further enhance our products and guarantee a high level of quality. Every design has been tested and tweaked countless times and during production.

Every single CA-Electronics product passes through their own hands to make absolutely certain that everything meets their own standards. And the best thing is that CA Electronics isolators and dampers are very affordable and extremely cost effective.

All CA Electronics Isolators and Dampers are hand crafted and hand polished. They are made of especially chosen and improved ceramic material witch is smooth on the outside but very irregular structured on the inside.

The CA Electronics Ceramic Feet and Elevators are especially designed to absorb annoying little vibrations which just make your music sound stiff and boring. Using CA Electronics products underneath your CD-player, amplifier, any other component or cable, your music will instantly sound playful and comes to live. You will hear an instant improvement in the sound. The bass gets tight, you hear an extraordinary focus and a smooth and controlled treble.

CA Electronics manufactures Equipment Feet & Cones, Cable Elevators, Cable Clamps, Turntable Pucks, Damping/Shielding Plates and Stands. Also Loudspeakers and HighEnd Cable Connectors.


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