a company from Bargteheide, in the north of Germany near Hamburg, which produces elegantly-designed and -built amplifiers that are an insider tip and deserve to be auditioned. Knut Cornils, designer and owner of VALVET, has evolved a distinctive architecture of Class A modules using high-quality components in minimal designs, featuring valve pre-amplifiers with separate power supply and solid-state mono-block power amplifiers.

VALVET produces two lines - the entry level and extremely affordable "bricks" and the no-compromise high-end, but still affordable"blocks". Both of them are characterized by high-class manufacturing and the highest standards in design und quality. Handmade with the best components available on the market, such as Mundorf silver/gold/oil capacitors, Vishay resistors, pure silver wiring, VALVET amplifiers are indeed something special. While the entry level already presents an unbelievable price/performance ratio, the top-of-the-line soulshine pre-amp and the blocks A4 mono-blocks are comparable to any of the leading pre-amps and power-amps available today.

VALVET bricks - Basic class? No, First Class! 
Small, precious devices for music-lovers. Finest technology with the smallest footprint brings music into the foreground.

VALVET blocks - Upper class? No, they're World Class! 
Experience music in a new way! The devices of the "blocks"-series match everything of distinction in the amplifier business. Maybe the very last amplifier you will ever buy! Many blocks-customers are exactly of that opinion! 

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