VALVET A4.5 mono-blocks


$7,990.00 USD 

NEW - VALVET A4.5 mono-blocks 

The VALVET A4.5 mono-blocks are currently the final development of power amplifiers in Valvet's program. Their roots go back to the 90s. As always, long-term satisfaction, value and longevity count here. Anyone who owns these power amplifiers can put the issue of power amplification aside for a long time. The musical information the A4.5 conveys is simply thrilling! Feel free to compare with so-called global brands and then decide which rendition resonates with you more. The A4.5 power amplifiers are extremely fast, controlled and powerful. They don’t put their own stamp on the music, but rather support flow and involvement. Immerse yourself in "your" music!

The A4.5 mono-blocks have an output power of 60 Watts/channel into 8 ohms (100 Watts/channel into 4 ohms). In our opinion, the desire for even more performance will not arise so quickly. Like all VALVET power amplifiers, the A4.5 power amplifiers have an enormous power supply capacity thanks to the stable power supply and have a "firm grip" on practically every loudspeaker on the market. The mono-blocks work in push-pull Class A mode and only with a single pair of power transistors in the output. We are of the opinion that connecting several power transistors in parallel to increase performance power results in sound disadvantages.

For those interested in technology: a very quiet 500 VA toroidal transformer, 4 ultra-fast 60 A individual diodes as rectifiers and a filter with 4TTN electrolytic capacitors from Supertech ensure ultra-stable operation. No capacitor in the signal path of the amplifier (DC – 100 KHz), extremely short (pure silver) signal paths.

The sound: dynamic, neutral, balanced, very musical, powerful with a lot of blackness and control in the bass and simply harmonious. In the current version, detailed improvements in mechanics, technology and sound ensure an even more harmonious package. "The Power and the Glory" – that’s it!


  • connection: WBT NextGen & Neutrik XLR sockets, input impedance 50 KOhm, 1 pair WBT NextGen binding posts for speaker connection (bi-wire optional), IEC mains socket
  • amplification: 60 watts into 8 Ohm, 100 watts into 4 Ohm, Class A
  • transformer: 500VA each mono-block
  • gain: approx. 26dB
  • dimensions: 230 x 110 x 310 mm (9 x 4.4 x 12.2 inches) WxHxD each mono-block
  • case: Aluminum, black powder coated, chrome fronts $500 surcharge 
  • front: 12.5mm Aluminum, black powder coated or silver brushed
  • sound: dynamic, neutral, balanced, very musical, powerful with a lot of blackness and control in the bass and simply harmonious. 'The power and the glory' - indeed!



Marc of The Audiophile Weekend Warrior writes (February 2020):
"...there’s a purity and density of tone, a freedom from electronic haze and grain, a fluidity of expression that’s subtle in absolute terms but significant in visceral ones. The Valvet A4 Mk.II is delightfully expressive, sweet and pure, with an honest and unforced way of capturing the warmth and beauty of a performance..."
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Winner of a Fidelity Award 2018 (A4):Fidelity Award 2018
"...sweet, small and feisty – 55 Class-A watts per channel that sound like much more and can also  master bigger challenges with bravura..."

Reviews for the predecessor A4 Mk.II:

Patrick Dillon of HiFi Zine (May 2017) concluded (A4):
"...and this is how I end up feeling about the Valvets. They are so finely balanced and cohesive that you might at first wonder about their unique qualities. They won’t immediately catch your ears with detail, but those details are there to be heard; they won’t blow you away with unparalleled bass depth, yet the bass is full and realistic; they can deliver space and decay while slamming you with dynamics when required. When you hear them over an extended period of time on music you love, you come to realize there is something quite special about these amplifiers. In their understated manner, small footprint and relatively low power specification, the Valvet A4s are capable of delivering musical reproduction that is as good as I can remember hearing. There was never a recording I played where I felt I was missing something or that the amps were not delivering the goods, and that’s across multiple genres and ages of music. Class A all the way..." 
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Key Kim reviewed the A3.5 and soulshine for The Stereo Times December 2009
"...the new Valvet Block A3.5s are incredible sounding amps. It was hard to believe these were only 50 watts per channel. They drove my reference Conspiracy loudspeakers with great authority and power. The Valvets possess purity and remarkable transparency that allows them to provide an amazing musical experience. At $5.590.00, it’s a bargain! ...this preamp (soulshine) had a natural purity and open airy sound which brought me closer to music. Stay tuned for a full review" 

Review of A3.5/soulshine in the German magazine "Image HiFi" 02/2010 by Roland Kraft:
"...once they’ve warmed up to operating temperature, these seemingly insignificant audiophile amps fascinate the listener with stupendous transparence. In addition, a spacious sound stage with an impressive breadth immediately captivates the listener... the Valvet amps are agile, never strained, and always light-footed. They constantly create a fresh, clear - but never cold - breath of air, and at the same time easily concentrates on the essence that can hardly be described. The tubes and transistors complement each other perfectly, making an lasting impression that can hardly be equaled in this price class..."
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Review of A3.5/soulshine on "Positive Feedback Online" Issue 48 03/2010 by Robert Learner:
"...smooth, dynamic, lively, and organic. Tonal purity suggests straight-wire gain with a dash of inner glow. Soundstaging is precise in localization... Transients have snap and life, and decays are full-blooded, something I've come to associate with Class A electronics versus some other designs. There is none of the sterility I've heard with some other solid-state amps... haven't heard better for the money and certainly worse for more. These components have some magic, something past competence or even excellence and into the illusion of 'real'. You can find components that do this or that better in the price range, but none I've spent time with are as addictive. They get the essence of the music... The sound quality is not only that good, it's that true—park them on your rack for the next ten years and find other things to worry about."
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The review "Giant Killers" for A3.5/soulshine on "The StereoTimes" 06/2010 by Key Kim:
"...from the very first notes on the very first album, it was obvious that the Valvet combo was something special. In our age of hyper-priced imported components, it’s not just good sounding (even at just over $11k) The Valvet components are the real deal regardless of price.... They are giant-killers in that they provide the ultimate musical bliss without breaking one’s bank account. If you're looking for that really great sounding system that isn't stratospherically priced, then look no further than Valvet..."
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Review of P2c/A3.5 in the UK magazine "HiFi+ Nr.76" 10/2010 by Jason Kennedy:
 "...the P2c is a well built preamplifier that offers an awful lot of sound quality for the money, you will be hard pressed to equal it sonically with a better looking product. The A3.5 is by contrast very nicely cased and extremely engaging with enough grip to keep you rocking in the context of a relaxed and revealing demeanour. And I thought I didn’t like the sound of silver!"
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Review of L2, E1r and A3.5 MkII on the German web-zine "HIFI Statement" 07/2013 Amre Ibrahim:
"...we cannot thank Mr. Cornils enough for enriching the world with high-end components such as the Valvet E1R, A3.5 MKII and L2. At a time when many amplifiers are beyond the financial reach of the average consumer’s purse, he provides an impressive counterpoint with unusual approaches to development and robust Made-in-Germany fabrication: absolutely consistent, highly musical audio components at an affordable price. More, please, Mr. Cornils!" 
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"...after over a week of listening and comparing, I can honestly state that Valvet equipment has the performance to beat. I don’t know if I had mentioned to you that I own a Pass Labs XA30.5 stereo amplifier, but that is what I compare amplifiers against, and I can confidently state that Valvet has the better amplifier...I compared back and forth between the Pass Labs unit and the Valvet A3.5 mono-blocks using the same sources, same preamp (my Valvet), even the same cabling, and time after time I selected the Valvets as having the better sound, staging, bass attack, and highs...Couldn’t be happier!"

"...this evening I sat down to read the July/August 2011 edition of The Absolute Sound Magazine, and thought I'd put on some pleasant but mostly background music as I read. 'The most relaxing Jazz Piano music in the Universe' by Denon. Just background stuff for when we have people over for dinner, etc. OK, disc two "Lover Man" with Sonny Stitt and Cedar Willams. The overall presence and (fill in every over the top audio review you have ever read) and the Vibraphone bloom and decay, etc. etc. made me put my beloved Absolute Sound down to e-mail you with my wholehearted appreciation for your having this, in my experience, the best audio value for power amps (with appropriate front end, cables and speakers) in the universe--tubes or solid state..." 

 "...the A3.5's continue to impress me with their ability to really convey the music and the performance on a wide range of music, vocals, and instruments. Truly amazing! I am very satisfied with this purchase and everything stated about them is absolutely spot on without any hype..." 

 "...timbre, nuances, speed (bloom and decay), soundstage depth and width, dynamics and imaging were all spot on without being forced, etched or "driven" in the HiFi sense. I was somewhat skeptical that the relatively low rated wattage (A3.5 mono bocks) output would really do the job, but once installed, the volume setting on my preamp was very close if not slightly less that previously using tube amps rated at least twice as high and solid state amps rated four times as high in output wattage... Vocals (male and female) were rendered with more subtle shadings and were startling in the "you are there sense", bass is now much more "fleshed out" in all its potential in timbre and dynamics, snare drums, brushes, cymbals and top hats are extremely more involving and piano is rendered in a manner that I thought I could never reproduce in comparison to the real thing.... In short, I have moved from listening to music to experiencing the performance. An amazing feat of engineering from an individual who has not only the skills and intellect but the passion for music and this wonderful hobby/obsession called audio. Thanks again for making this wonderful amplifier available in the United States."

 "...I was very impressed (awesome). Compared to some way more expensive gear, the Valvets (soulshine & A3.5) held their own in an excellent way. And for what they cost, I have to scratch my head and wonder..."


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