Cantano T Tone-arm


$7,990.00 USD 


Audio calmness. Combined with vitality and playfulness.
With the Cantano T we have created something unique. Simple timeless design meets captivating functionality, while using only high-quality materials. The result is a tonearm that combines the high audio calmness of a 12-inch tonearm with the speed, vitality and playfulness of a 9-inch tonearm. Created for a perfect sound.

Titanium. For low mass and maximum strength.
The titanium used for the tonearm and head-shell offers maximum strength with minimum weight. The unipivot-bearing base with additional lateral guide keeps the arm from swinging along the longitudinal axis. The ease of movement of the bearing and the low mass of the arm guarantee a distortion-free reading of the record, even those whose center hole is not perfectly centered.

Self-resonances at a barely measurable level.
The Cantano T is conceived as a resonance minimizing construction, utilizing a combination of perfectly matched parts through the use of CNC-technology. This leads to a tonearm whose selfresonance barely reaches a measurable level.

Functionality: Height-adjustability. Anti-skating. Compatible with almost all cartridges.
Besides our focus on optimal capabilities, we place a high value on functionality. Continuous height-adjustability, an anti-skating solution that does not influence the movability of the arm, as well as compatibility with all cartridges up to a 16g  weight are important attributes for flexible usage. By rotating the tonearm it is possible to adjust the azimuth, while mild damping is created by variable pressure on the light tracking force. The Cantano T can also be mounted on drives designed for 9-inch tonearms.

Tonearm (Cantano T): 
Compatibility: suitable for all cartridges up to 16g
Material: titanium
Mounting distance - pivot to spindle: 294mm
Overhang: 10.08mm
Effective tone arm length (including overhang): 305.8mm (12 inches)
Offset angle: 16 degrees
Effective Mass: 10g

Check out a video from Peter Breuninger of AV Showrooms at the HighEnd Show in Munich May 2013

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