HighEnd Novum PMR Initium MK.II

HighEnd Novum

$1,590.00 USD 

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The new PMR Initium MK.II is an outstanding and reasonably priced product - your access to the world of the PMR room acoustic devices. The Initium is about half the size of the PMR Premium (7 inch in diameter).

You will notice a strong resonance with lots of details and spatial acoustics. The music appears to be more dynamic and full of energy. When it comes to individual instruments, they sound very realistic and seem to have a whole new presence.

 With the help of the Initium, the music gains more space in every kind of way. To sum up: The Initium creates a very authentic and natural acoustic pattern with fascinating timbre. If you already have a large PMR in your listening room add one (or two) Initium for even better three-dimensionality.

An individual, numbered certificate is included with each PMR Initium. Exclusively manufactured in Germany.

Placement of the PMR:

The PMR can be placed almost anywhere in the listening room. A comprehensive installation manual is supplied with each PMR. A telephone consultation is also included.

The Result:

By overlaying the music with a full scale of multi-vocal overtones, more detailed sound is produced. The music gets more momentum and energy, the presentation of the instruments is more realistic, more solid and three-dimensional. The spatial imaging is increased in all directions. The result is again a natural and authentic sound experience with beautiful sounds.

Does the PMR fit in my system?

Yes! Since there are no hi-fi systems with perfect harmonics, the PMR will improve every hi-fi system!

CLICK HERE to see how HighEnd Novum customers use the PMR in their system.

Dimensions: height 7.5 inch (19cm), diameter 7 inch (18cm)
Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4kg) (total shipping weight 6 lbs.)
Color: natural bronze, polished

StereoTimes Most Wanted Component Award 2012 Clement Perry wrote:
"...a 'mini-me' version to the bigger Novum resonator we all went gaga over. At roughly half the size of the standard PMR, the Initium serves as a perfect companion for placement around the room especially when space is an issue. Adds sparkle and dimensionality to an already excellent product..."

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