Alto-Extremo NeoFlex L


$1,099.00 USD 

Alto-Extremo NeoFlex

You are looking for one of the best and most exclusive equipment feet? The NeoFlex Absorber satisfy both requirements. They are based on the principle of magnetic repulsion. Two extremely strong Neodym-magnets hold the weight of the overlying Hifi-device. Thus the NeoFlex Absorber are an ideal instrument to optimize your High End device. Energy is dissipated by the device perfectly through the absorber and destroyed in the absorber.

• Low profile, yet extremely strong. (There is nothing comparable, worldwide)
• Step less adjustment and self-leveling. (Therefore can also be used four or more absorbers)
• Screen caps to avoid disturbances due to the magnetic field. (Suitable for CD-players and turntables)

Once inserted, you will not want to miss the NeoFlex Absorber again!

Alto-Extremo NeoFlex magnetic absorber feet

Alto-Extremo NeoFlex L

The middle class, if you can claim this about a reference absorber. Here, a low profile is combined with a very high load. A technical challenge, and this was perfectly implemented. The function has not modified, it also can be infinitely adjusted in height. Two extremely strong Neodym magnets hold the weight of the overlying Hifi-device. Thus, the NeoFlex L perfectly decouples from the ground. The NeoFlex L is an ideal tool to optimize your High-End system.

Set of three: US $1099.-
Set of four:   US $1399.-

Matej Isak, The Stereo Times April 2011: 
"...the Neoflex simply incorporate the right things to shape those nuances of refinement that helps music to flow and get a more lively imprint. The Neoflex handles the bumpy road with more conviction and focus. I also found the Neoflex to improve the realism with acoustic instruments while improving the aspects of rhythm... any serious, so-called audiophile, high-ender or music lover should not overlook the listening or measurement method. When those two are combined, a great product might evolve. Alto Extremo Neoflex absorbers are exactly that. A highly recommended component!" 
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 - 40 mm high
 - 64 mm diameter

Weight: 450g each (1 lbs)
Load capacity:
 - 1.2 - 8.0 kg per absorber

Alto-Extremo Absorber Chart

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