Synergistic Research Galileo Discovery USB Cable

Synergistic Research

$3,395.00 USD 

Galileo Discovery USB Cables

Synergistic Research engineered Galileo Discovery USB cables around the refinement of its UEF Graphene Digital Filter through a new UEF compound first developed for SRX and Purple Fuses to eliminate digital noise by interacting with EM fields that ride above its conductors. Graphine Shielding now follows the same Matrix Grid Pattern found in the SRX cable loom, which lowers your system’s overall noise floor for the most dynamic and highest resolution of any USB cable in Synergistic Research history. SR next upgraded the UEF Ground Plane with new UEF Purple Fuse technology. SR then treats the entire cable to a new Long Duration High Voltage conditioning process first developed for the SRX cable loom for improved musicality and soundstaging.

Lastly, the outer shield of the cable can be attached to ground with an included ground plug or can be attached to an optional SR Passive or Active Ground Block for an even lower noise floor with enhanced sound stage realism. From streaming on TIDAL and Qbuz to Quad DSD files, you hear sound quality that rivals high-resolution analog master tapes.
Howard Kneller of SoundStage Ultra (April 2019) wrote: "...the Galileo SXes may well set a new high bar for audio-cable performance. Further, while at first glance their geometries are more similar to than different from those of the Galileo UEFs, the SXes considerably outperformed the older cables... I’m smitten with the sound of Synergistic Research’s Galileo SXes: breathtakingly lively, exciting, and dynamic, yet gorgeously rich, musical, and accurately full-bodied. They are definite contenders for the designation 'the state of the art'..."
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