Synergistic Research Galileo Discovery Digital Interconnect

Synergistic Research

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Galileo Discovery Digital Cables

The Galileo Discovery Digital interconnect is a direct evolution of past digital cables designs dating back to 1995, including Tesla Apex, Absolute Reference, and Designers’ Reference cable looms. SR then applied brand-new technologies developed during the clean slate SRX state-of-the-art cable program for the most significant performance leap in Galileo’s ten-year history. Galileo Discovery starts with parallel geometries of 4th generation Tricon and Air Strings handmade in SR's California factory from 99.9999% Silver in an Air Dielectric. SR then applies a brand new UEF Compound developed for the SRX cable loom and the new Purple Fuses to dramatically lower Galileo Discovery’s noise floor while expanding its sound staging capabilities to nearly that of the SRX cable loom. SR then applies the SRX multi-frequency long duration conditioning process, which enhances resolution and musicality in equal measure. SR has included the highest performance Carbon Fiber UEF Tuning Circuits first developed for the SRX cable loom to voice Galileo Discovery to your system. Gold UEF Tuning Circuit creates a detailed, liquid balance, while the Silver UEF Tuning Circuit has a more substantial low-frequency impact with pin-point clarity and frequency extension.

Finally, the shields can be coupled to either SR's Passive or Active SR Ground Block for a jaw-dropping decrease in your system’s noise floor, so you hear microdynamics and inner detail that you never imagined from your favorite recordings with a soundstage increase in scale that is nothing short of virtual reality.

Howard Kneller of SoundStage Ultra (April 2019) wrote:
"...the Galileo SXes may well set a new high bar for audio-cable performance. Further, while at first glance their geometries are more similar to than different from those of the Galileo UEFs, the SXes considerably outperformed the older cables... I’m smitten with the sound of Synergistic Research’s Galileo SXes: breathtakingly lively, exciting, and dynamic, yet gorgeously rich, musical, and accurately full-bodied. They are definite contenders for the designation 'the state of the art'..."
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