Synergistic Research SRX USB Cable

Synergistic Research

$5,995.00 USD 

Synergistic Research SRX USB Cables

SRX USB shares the same hallmarks as the rest of the SRX lineup. Namely, an ultra-low noise floor with inner detail, dynamics, and holographic realism to rival the best analog playback while setting a new digital benchmark. Anyone experienced with master tapes understands there is a significant difference between the best of digital and tape, with tape possessing detail, musicality, dynamics and three dimensionality not found in other formats. SRX USB takes your state-of-the-art DAC close to your best tapes in your reel-to-reel deck while surpassing the majority of tapes in your library. And if you are a vinyl lover, you will find many of your files, CDs, and SACDs can now compete with and surpass all but your best vinyl recordings. To set this new digital standard, we start with an exploded geometry comprising two 3rd Gen Silver Matrix geometries, and four Silver Air Strings. Each Air String is hand-made in our California factory from 99.9999% pure silver in an air dielectric with a UEF grid running the cable’s length to lower the noise floor and expand the sound field. We then apply the SRX Long Duration Multi-Frequency High Voltage Conditioning Process for enhanced clarity, musicality, and detail without fatigue. And for a lower noise floor still, connect the SRX Digital’s Ground Plane to an Active SR Ground Block.

Each hand-made geometry and ground plane is run through carbon fiber discs to maintain separation between conductors for lower capacitance and crosstalk. Voicing the cables to your system is easy with supplied Gold and Silver SRX Carbon Fiber UEF filters. Gold will deliver a warmer and more liquid sound, while silver has increased air and focus. You decide between Gold and Silver Tuning Circuits by listening to your two options for a bespoke system match.

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