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$8,995.00 USD 

Synergistic Research SRX Phono Cables! 

TAS Product of the Year 2021

SRX Phono is the last link in the SRX Cable Loom, and it may just be the most powerful. The geometry starts with separate pure silver Air Strings running in parallel with an engineered EM coupling between conductors, as this proved necessary for the electrical requirements of phono cartridges. SR then added SRX Carbon Fiber Spacers to break EM coupling strategically, and this helped deliver the same ultra-low noise floor as all other SRX cables. At first, SR experimented with a 100% exploded geometry as found in SRX interconnects and speaker cables, but this proved incompatible with many low output cartridges. So they built a closely spaced geometry similar to Galileo, but this proved incapable of significantly exceeding the Galileo SX Phono’s sonic signature. It was not until SR  combined a coupled and decoupled geometry with SRX Conditioning and a new UEF compound that SR had a cable that dramatically improved on our prior reference. These improvements include a lower noise floor, greater separation of images in the sound field, a significant increase in soundstage scale, and improved low-frequency dynamics with tighter bass control. In addition, high frequencies extend more effortlessly and with enhanced musicality making the prior reference sound somewhat compressed in direct comparison. As a result, SRX Phono may be the single highest-performance cable SR has ever built. It should be on the radar of any analog lover seeking the absolute highest performance. 

SRX Cables come standard with the most potent and musical UEF Tuning Bullets in SR 30-year history and work 100% outside the signal path. Both Gold and Silver bullets are handcrafted in SRs Southern California Factory from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum with the Gold option plated in 24k Gold not only for aesthetic beauty but also to help voice the bullet to its intended role as the most musical option for specific systems. To use SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules, allow your SRX cables to settle into your system for 48-72 hours, and then experiment with your two options on a cable by cable basis. Start by inserting a Gold Bullet and then compare to the Silver option and select the variant that makes music in your system. Gold Bullets have a warm and liquid balance that is also more open and transparent than SRs other warm-biased tuning bullets. While Silver is more extended and detailed but the option that will work best and sound neutral is totally system dependent. If you voice your SRX cables one pair at a time, you will find one color that works best in most applications, plus a few that perform better with the alternate option. This process is how you will get the best from both Gold and Silver bullets when arriving at a bespoke cable loom voiced for your unique system.

After perfecting the most natural-sounding and holographic cables in SR's history, they set out to take them further with a new high voltage conditioning process that applies a sweeping frequency plot for an extended duration. SR experimented with dozens of frequencies in different combinations over a prolonged time period before landing on just the right mix. SR even built a new Tesla Coil to handle the excess heat generated during long conditioning sessions. Once finalized, the SRX conditioning process created holographic realism and timbral accuracy far beyond SR's previous Tesla Coil conditioning protocol. 


MSRP $8,995 / 1.25 meter / XLR, RCA or DIN.
$1,750 per additional 0.5 meter.

Factory lead time is 3-4 weeks. 

Each pair of Synergistic Research SRX Phono Interconnect Cables are made from 10 (RCA) or 14 (XLR) separate geometries - 8 each (RCA) 12 each (XLR) 99.9999% Pure Silver mono-filament Air Strings, and 2 each 10awg Silver/Copper Matrix conductors.

- Standard 1,25 meter lengths. Additional length built to order.
10 each (RCA) and 12 each (XLR) 2nd Gen 99.9999% Pure Silver Mono-filament Air Sting:
- Silver Air Strings: 99.9999% pure monocrystal silver conductor
- Dielectric: Air (sealed)
- Shielding: UEF Ground Plane Technology
- Hand crafted SR's California factory
2 each 10awg Silver/Copper Matrix:
- Silver Copper Matrix: Monocrystal conductors
- Dielectric: PTFE
- Listened to determine signal direction before build
- UEF Active Shielding 3rd generation,
- Point to Point Wiring
- WBT Silver Solder 4%
Quantum Tunneling:
- Custom
5 Day burn in:
- 3 Step process
2 each Gold SR25 UEF Tuning Passive Module (1 each or DIN):
- Optional voicing for increased warmth, liquidity
2 each Silver SR25 UEF Tuning Passive Module (1 each for DIN):
- Optional voicing for maximum information and refinement.
RCA and XLR Connectors:
- Synergistic Research Silver SR20 RCA or XLR

Build Notes:
- Individual EXP Isolated cable geometries for improved vibrational isolation
- 28 (RCA) and 32 (XLR) point-to-point hand soldered connections
- SRX UEF Matrix Shielding: 2 different UEF coatings with Graphene are applied to UEF Cell, connectors and cabling and ground significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail. The conductors and UEF Cell also benefit from dampening effect that UEF provides
- 4 Termination for SRX tuning Module (Silver and Gold)
- WBT Silver Solder: 4%
- Hand build time: 8 hours
- Quantum Tunneling: After the cable is completely assembled all connections and cabling are treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity at specific frequencies and pulse modulations, creating a canal in the conductor material and contact points at the molecular level that allows electrons to flow more freely. This allows the maximum amount of low level information through the conductors and provides for the highest amount of realism in your music
- Secondary UEF Blue Treatment originally developed for SR Blue Fuses
- 5-day Burn In: 2 step process
- 100% Hand Crafted in SR's California factory

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound writes:
"...Ted Denney & Co.'s latest creation, the tunable, actively shielded, multi-stranded. pure six-nines-silver SRX cables and interconnects, are the most sophisticated products Synergistic Research has developed since SR's original Galileo. They are also the best sounding - by quite a margin..." (full review forthcoming)       

Robert Youman of Positive Feedback - 08/2019 (SRX Power Cable):
"...the Synergistic Research SRX power cord has me rethinking my entire system configuration and performance. When only one SRX power cord was used with the Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE power conditioner to drive my entire system there was a clear correctness of presentation that had not previously been realized. I can only imagine what might happen if I used the SRX for all my components! Caveat emptor. Never say never. If you audition the SRX, you may never go back..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Review of the SR 25 limited Edition (SRX) Power Cable:
Howard Kneller - SoundStage! Ultra - August 2018:
"...Synergistic Research’s complex and difficult-to-manufacture SR25 Limited Edition power cord so stunningly demonstrates the relationship between high-quality power and high-quality sound that it may represent the apotheosis of power-cord design. When I said that the SR25 transformed virtually every aspect of my system’s sound, I wasn’t exaggerating. It was difficult to believe that these improvements were caused by a single power cord, or that my system already contained a high-end power conditioner and cords..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review


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