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Newletter April 2015 online...

Please check out the latest issue of our April 2015 e-newsletter, which contains interesting articles, news and a contest where you can win a price $2500 worth! 

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NEW ARRIVAL: Latest evolution of Knut Cornils' soulshine - VALVET soulshine "Pure"

VALVET soulshine pure

Similar to the original soulshine with 5 line inputs and now 3 outputs (massive silver connectors) using ECC82 and ECC99 tubes with only one Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitor per channel. The signal path is even shorter now and a brand new volume control is incorporated. A 48-step ladder switch with remote control as a standard - absolutely State-Of-The-Art!  We think the soulshine "Pure" is VALVET's best sounding pre-amp yet! Congratulations to Germany - well done Knut!

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We're now authorized dealer for Scansonic speakers from Denmark - made by the designer of Raidho speakers

Scansonic MB-1Glad to announce that we're now authorized Scansonic dealer. Scansonic speakers from Denmark are designed by the maker of the renowned Raidho speakers, Michael Børresen. Scansonic speakers represent an extremely high price/performance value.

The first review for the entry model, the MB-1 is already in. Sven Bilen concluded: "...have I heard better speakers than Scansonic MB-1 for this price? No. Do I want a pair of MB-1? Yes. This is really something you need to consider if you are looking for some really good stand speakers where the price is not sky-high. Here, you get a sound picture you will immediately like, and it all just feels sooo right. A big applause for MB-1!"

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Small things often make a big difference... a new version of the KLANGTUCH is back!

Small things often make a big difference...

FINALLY BACK! THE KLANGTUCH IV - a new and improved version of the Klangtuch III - made in Germany from a newly developed ultra-microfiber especially for digital audio and video discs. It cleans and removes electrostatic charges from CD, SACD, DVD and BluRayDisc - big times!

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New review: Wall Audio Opus 88 tube pre-amp with phono-stage...

Wall Audio Opus 88 tube pre-amp with phono-stage

Wall Audio's Opus 88  tube pre-amp w/phono-stage was reviewed in the latest issue of the German high-end magazine Image HiFi.

Imre Ibrahim concluded: "...I don’t know of any other pre-amp in the price range under $6000 that has been produced with such high quality work, parts and careful attention to detail. The resulting sound proves that the designer is right. If you’re searching for an honest, affordable pre-amp, don’t have a huge fleet of components in your system, call vinyl your own and - if you value the sound of dynamics and neutrality,  but still don’t want to give up a touch of tubes, then you should definitely put the Wall Audio Opus 88 on the shortlist of your candidates. If you don’t, you’re making a mistake..."

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Auroasound's headphone amp - the HEADA receives Outstanding Product Award...

Aurorasound's headphone ampAurorasound's balanced-drive HEADA was reviewed in issue April 2015 of the British magazine hi-finews and received the "Outstanding Product Award". Keith Howard concluded: " reviewing would be unallowed pleasure if only every item of equipment gave as much listening pleasure during its tenure. Partnered with a neutrally balanced, transparent headphone the Heada is capable of some of the best, if not the best, sounds I have heard from between capsules. Its alluring warmth is matched to great resolution, making for a musical experience as welcoming as it is informative..."

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Announcing Synergistic Research's latest product: The Grounding Block...

Synergistic Research The Grounding Block

The UEF Grounding Block was developed with many applications in mind and is the latest Synergistic Research product to feature the UEF Technology and dramatically reduces the noise floor. Primarily for the new Atmosphere Cable Series but not only that... it will likewise improve the overall performance of your system, simply by connecting the ground wires from your phono-stage, pre-amp, turntable, FEQ, Atmosphere, Tranquility. Base to the Grounding Block.

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NEW ARRIVAL: Will the new Rigid Float Carbon tonearm float your boat?

Rigid Float TonearmKoichiro Akimoto-san's latest achievement, the ViV Lab Rigid Float /CB tonearm arrived. This new version is basically identical to the original version besides some general improvements. But the most important difference is the newly developed tonearm wand which is made of carbon fiber. It is extremely lightweight with a very high stiffness and favorable resonance characteristics. The sound improvement compared to the original Rigid Float tonearm is staggering. We are amazed!

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Shorties finally back in stock...

Analog Shorties are back in stock  Similar to digital inputs, unused analog inputs on your power amp, pre-amp or integrated amp act as aerials for RFI, polluting the circuit and degrading the overall sound performance of your hifi system. Plug in our analog-terminator "shortie" and you will get reduced distortion, lower background noise and a cleaner and well-balanced sound.

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digital-terminator reloaded...

Digital Terminators are Back  The longtime favorites, the digital-terminators "75 ohm" are finally back in stock. Open, non-detachable and unused digital outputs and inputs on CD-Players or DACs generate reflections. With these 75 ohm termination plugs you can improve the sound of digital playback. 

The analog shorting plugs will be back in stock soon too.

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