New arrival: Contrast Audio SOUL loudspeakers

Contrast Audio Soul Pro


Just arrived... Contrast Audio's new top-line speakers - the Contrast SOUL Pro is a high efficient floor-standing passive speaker system. Handmade from top to bottom in Kiev, the Ukraine, with minimum filtering and in-house made highly linear drivers. The Contrast SOUL incorporates all of the creation experience of all of Contrast’s designs and developments.

The cabinet is finished with a high quality, glossy piano finish. The front baffle is constructed of solid beech wood, and is mounted using a cork gasket to provide vibration control. The system also comes with adjustable stainless steel spikes that can be used to regulate the height.

For the low-frequency section a resonant port, a Laval Nozzle was used which provides:
• a more accurate linear characterization in the low-frequency range
• a lower frequency threshold
• the best possible frequency-shifting characteristics in the mid-range

In order to optimize the system the necessary adjustments in midrange- and bass-drivers as well as the tweeters were made. The sound is the typical Contrast Audio sound: a very natural sound with a warm, relaxed timbre - a pleasure to listen to and very enjoyable. The US retail price is $7,750 for the pair. CLICK HERE for more information.

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