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Hailing from Schluechtern, in the heart of Germany, Lyric is the culmination of more than 25 years of design & engineering expertise. Sleek style and high quality components ensure reference performance from these exquisite products.

A passion for music combined with German design, manufacturing and more than 20 years of R&D culminates in the latest generation of reference tube products from Lyric. As an award winning designer and engineer for various other audio brands, Stefan Noll formed a partnership in Germany with business partner and distributor Thomas Deyerling to manufacture Lyric.

With prices of big name brands skyrocketing out of site the pair set out to elevate the integrated amplifiers they had been developing for other companies and produce reference class amplifiers of their own. With an emphasis on quality components and the highest possible value for the money, the new Lyric amplifiers achieve their stated goal. Each amplifier is meticulously crafted in Schluechtern, Germany.

Using old school point to point connections soldered by hand and incorporating the finest quality parts of their own design, Noll & Deyerling are producing something truly special in the new Lyric brand. Yes, they take time to build, 4 weeks...but it's worth the wait for these bespoke components. Prior to shipping, every unit is continually bench tested for several days to ensure the highest level of quality control and reliability. Lyric amplifiers are backed by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty (12 months for tubes).

CLICK HERE to watch a video interview by Peter Breuninger's AVShowrooms of the designer and owner Stefan Noll introducing Lyric Audio at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017. 

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