Synergistic Research XOT Carbon (Crossover Transducer)

Synergistic Research

$449.00 USD 

XOT Carbon - Crossover Transducer

Introduced first at the CES 2014 Synergistic's latest application of the UEF Technology (Uniform Energy Field Technology). Initially developed for HFT - High Frequency Transducers and FEQ - Frequency equalizer.

This much improved version uses a carbon housing and is available with Spades and Banana termination. The conductors are made from Graphene (a newly developed superconductor) which obviously is a big improvement and the housing is made from carbon.

XOTs are parallel filters for speaker crossovers that terminate directly to the leads of your speakers. XOTs deliver a significant increase in resolution accompanied by a lowering of your systems noise floor for more holographic sound. Terminated in either spade or banana connections, XOTs are sold with a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee.

Synergistic Research XOTs deliver:

  • a significant increase in resolution 
  • a lowering of your systems noise floor
  • more holographic and natural soundstage

XOT Carbon - Crossover Transducer
Come in pairs with spades or banana termination, for bi-wire configuration you'll need two pairs. MSRP is $449/pair with a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee

Steven Plaskin, Audiostream, March 2014:
 "...I then replaced 2 sets of Walker High Definition Reference Plus Links
($725.00/pair) on the back of each upper module of my Sasha speakers with
2 sets of XOT. 1 set is attached to the midrange terminals and 1 set to
the tweeter terminals. I immediately noticed an additional improvement in
clarity, definition, and overall bloom with the Synergistic XOT compared
to what I was hearing with the Walker HDLs..."


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