Synergistic Research UEF (Uniform Energy Field) Active Tuning Circuits

Synergistic Research

$249.00 USD 

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The Synergistic Research UEF (Uniform Energy Field) Active Tuning Circuits are the new replacements for the Enigma Tuning Circuits (Bullets) provided with the Synergistic Research Element and Galileo Series cables and AC cords, Digital Power Tools, Tranquility Bases, PowerCell line conditioners, and older Tesla Series LE cables and AC cords.

UEF Technology actually cleans up high frequency noise that otherwise distorts harmonics in the music signal. When UEF technology is applied to Synergistic Research Active Shielding, Tranquility Bases, and PowerCells, you hear a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage air with improved mid-range clarity and improved low frequency control.

By cleaning up the DC signal applied to Active Shielded cables, Tranquility Bases and PowerCells, all aspects of performance are enhanced in a noticeable and significant way.

UEF Tuning Circuits are compatible with the following products:

  • Galileo LE Series of cables
  • Element Series of cables
  • Tesla LE Series of cables
  • PowerCell Products (with removable right angled circuits)
  • Tranquility Base Products
  • Universal Interconnect Cells and Speaker Cells

     UEF Tuning Circuits are available in different packages:

    • Set of 2 Gray and 2 Silver Tuning Circuits (Straight) - $249.00
    • Set of 1 Gray and 1 Silver Tuning Circuits (Straight) - $150.00
    • Set of 1 Gray and 1 Silver Tuning Circuits (Right Angled) - $150.00
    • 1 each Silver Tuning Circuits (Right Angled) - $100.00

    Robert S.Youman, Positive Feedback Online, April 2014:
    "...resolution and inner detail was now the best I have heard in my system" "I will keep it brief. The word that keeps coming up in my notes is 'dimensionality'. Again, we are getting all the detail and speed as before, but now there is an additional level of texture, fleshed out harmonics and roundness. Bloom and weight subtly feel more appropriate and correct. Exciting stuff!" " the $150 you need to shell out for a pair of bullets (one silver and one gray) worth the investment? Friends, if you have Synergistic Research wire, this is a no brainer!"

    Steven Plaskin, Audiostream, March 2014:
    "...besides observing the added dimensionality, superior resolution of instruments and voices within the recording's acoustic space was plainly evident. Complex musical passages were more easily discerned with improvement of the reproduction of musical textures..."

    "...the noise floor dropped with a blacker background. Definition of voices and instruments were improved from top to bottom. This ultra-quiet back ground resulted in superior resolution of low level information. Micro dynamic changes were now more obvious and easily heard..."

    "...the UEF Active Tuning Circuits have made a significant improvement to my system when compared to that attained with the Enigma Tuning Circuits. The UEF Active Tuning Circuits revealed the existence of a subtle distortion-noise that was degrading what I had previously thought was a very good system using the Enigma Tuning Circuits..." 

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