Synergistic Research UEF Record Weight

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Synergistic Research UEF Record Weight

Synergistic's UEF Record Weight was developed in conjunction with their new MiG SX footers and so shares many of the same sonic traits, including the ability to dramatically expand the scale and layering of your soundstage while improving timbral accuracy and tonal density. During the design phase, they pursued two competing designs simultaneously.

One was a record clamp that locked to the center platter pin, and the other was a suspended record weight. Initially, they felt the record clamp would offer better performance but quickly discovered one significant drawback, once locked down the clamp becomes an extension of the platter and this prevents minute variations in lateral and vertical movement, thus compressing the soundstage when directly compared to our suspended record weight design.

Synergistic then maximized performance by experimenting with different mass loads in the main stainless steel and carbon fibre body and various leaf spring suspensions that form the connection between the mass of the stainless steel and the tungsten carbon bearings that make contact with the record itself. Of course, they also experimented with different bearing materials, but just as with MiG SX, tungsten carbon quickly proved superior to other materials like brass, bronze, and stainless steel.

After fine-tuning the mass and the suspension, they voiced the record weight with an internal UEF element and an external UEF option that allows you to choose between two sonic balances in the form of a Red and a Blue HFT specially voiced to deliver air and detail or warmth and liquidity.


When you place the included BLUE HFT on top of the UEF Record Clamp, you experience more air and detail with a cooler and in some recordings, a more dramatic holographic soundstage. This is perfect for listening to artists like Roger Waters or electronic music with dramatic phase effects.


When you place the included RED HFT on top of the UEF Record Clamp you experience rich tonal warmth and greater liquidity with a smoother presentation. This is perfect for vocal recordings like Frank Sinatra and Diana Krall or anytime you want greater warmth and musicality

As with other Synergistic Research products, the UEF Record Weight is sold with a 30- day money-back guarantee so you can spin your favorite records with ample time to make a final decision risk free.

Price: $895
Dimensions: 2.9″h x 3.2″w x 3.2″d
Weight: 2.1 lbs (33oz)

PFO Brutus Award 2020

Malcolm Gomes of Positive Feedback writes (September 2020): 
"...I could detect more dimensionality and timbral accuracy to the whole performance. The guitar sounds sweeter and more detailed while the percussion sounds tighter and with better PRaT. There is no doubt that the UEF enhances the level of listening enjoyment and reduces listening fatigue quite substantially... In comparison to the UEF, the Shun Mook has slightly more focus and makes the music tonally a bit richer. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would opt for the UEF because, to my ears, the enhanced stability that it renders to the sound stage trumps the improved focus and tonality of the Shun Mook... If you do not have one of those fancy 5-figure or 6-figure price turntables with those crazy heavy platters, you owe it to your ears to try out the UEF. There is a good chance that it will make your turntable sound like you just upgraded it to a model that sports a significantly higher price. If it does not, you can always avail of Synergistic Research's no fuss return policy..." CLICK HERE to check out the entire review

Robert Youman of Positive Feedback wrote (May 2020):
"...with the UEF, there was now a more clearly defined sound stage with even more layers of inner detail. Performance at both ends of the frequency range had an urgency and flow that had my head spinning. Mids were even more seductive and tangible. Tone, timbre, and pitch were spot on for a variety of instruments and vocals. The number of goose bump generating spacial cues now seemed endless. I clearly discovered a new bench mark!" CLICK HERE to read the entire review
" vinyl passion over the past decade has been to hot-rod a vintage Linn LP12 turntable to the max using aftermarket parts. Kind of like what Carroll Shelby did with the British AC Ace sports car. When complete, the only Linn parts will be the suspension springs and the plinth—and even that might go. Your new record weight arrived today and I took it for a quick spin with some ZZ Top (naturally). Now I know how Carroll must have felt when he dropped the 260 Ford engine into the ACE. Switching from the blue to the red UEF button was like bumping the engine up to the 289 V-8. Then, for additional kicks I slid the Tranquility Pod under the Linn. Wow! It felt like stepping up to the full 427 Ford Cobra. When I finish these reviews I’m taking this ‘table with your weight and the ‘Pod racing in the streets..."
~ Rick Becker ,

Synergistic User
"...received my long-anticipated Synergistic Research record clamp today!! It comes with two tuning modules (red & blue) that sit at the top of the clamp. It’s deceivingly heavy when I unpackaged it. I fired up my system and let the tubes warm-up for about 15 minutes and let er rip! I listen to my setup hours a day.. I know it better than the back of my hand. I immediately could tell the difference! Holy crap!! I was playing Clapton and my wife from her office came in and told me she thought the guitar sounded live in our house! I couldn’t agree more. The airiness and definition was astounding. I settled on the blue module. It was a bit more settled and warm. Every nuance could be heard but zero harshness. I would recommend this even to my enemies! The red shined playing jazz.. I’ve not yet tried other genres.. I’m enjoying this way to much to switch!! SR outdid themselves with this one!"
~ Greg B. , Florida

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