Synergistic Research Tranquility UEF LPS (Linear Power Supply)

Synergistic Research

$2,295.00 USD 

With a Tranquility UEF Power Supply driving your Tranquility Bases, Tranquility PODs, Atmosphere and FEQ Carbon your soundstage increases in size and scale. Low frequencies are likewise improved with greater impact and control, while resolution is enhanced thanks to a lowering of your system’s noise floor. The net effect is a system-wide upgrade where your SR components get a boost in dynamic range and refinement for a not-so-subtle improvement to your system’s overall performance. Available with a no-risk in-home audition.

When it comes to high-resolution audio, it starts at the wall, and after that, with each component’s power supply. So when SR began development of the Limited Edition Galileo SX PowerCell for 2021, they started with a completely new regulated power supply based on the latest UEF Technology. First, SR compared multiple transformers of differing construction and materials in double-blind listening tests, including C Core and Troidol transformers. Surprisingly they found the best toroidal transformers sounded spacially closed in when directly compared to the best C Core transformers. SR then experimented with conditioning the transformer windings with the same Long Duration High Voltage conditioning process first developed for our flagship SRX cable loom. Next, SR listened to multiple DC rectification options and capacitors all treated with the latest UEF technology until SR perfected a power supply that transformed the state-of-the-art Galileo SX PowerCell line conditioner. So it was only natural that they develop a new power supply for the Tranquility Bases, Tranquility PODs, Atmosphere and FEQ Carbon based on Galileo SX PowerCell technology. And to take performance further, SR engineered a chassis machined from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum to act as a massive heatsink with a carbon fiber top to break up the mechanical resonance created by your stereo speakers.

SR included a direct ground connection for you to optionally ground your Tranquility UEF LPS to an SR Active Ground Block for a further drop in your system’s noise floor, thanks to an increase in performance for all your active SR components.

The Tranquility UEF LPS comes with a 5ft Foundation 12awg power cable and a Purple fuse already installed.

Power cable upgrades are available:
- Atmosphere SX Excite +$1,495 (MSRP $2,495) - 5ft
- Atmosphere SX Euphoria +$2,295 (MSRP $3,495) - 5ft
- Galileo Discovery +$5,500 (MSRP $6,995) - 5ft

Dimensions: 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
Weight: 6.2 lbs

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