Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Carbon

Synergistic Research

$2,495.00 USD 

Introducing Tranquility Base Carbon, the first all-new Tranquility Base in over a decade. Synergistic Research started with a new chassis machined from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum for a 50% slimmer and 80% more rigid chassis. SR then experimented with new laminates and arrived at carbon fiber for its superior response to mechanical and airborne vibrations. They then applied the most advanced EM Cell technology directly transferred from the Galileo SX PowerCell. Finally, its internal UEF Technology was transferred from the new state-of-the-art SRX cable loom. The net result is a thinner and more rigid Tranquility Base with a lower noise floor from which springs improved dynamics and soundstaging combined with smoother, more extended high frequencies.

Condition at the source.
Tranquility Base history. Shortly after launching the first PowerCell line conditioner, SR's lead designer began work on a new application for his then new patent-pending EM Cell technology. It was early 2010, and Ted had the idea for an Electromagnetic Cell Field-Effect Conditioner capable of conditioning signal inside a component. First, SR developed several flat EM Cells for placement below components running tests on multiple variants until they perfected an EM Cell capable of improving any component. SR then experimented with different laminates engineered to cancel mechanical vibrations selecting the option that created the best sound quality. The first Tranquility Base was launched at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in late 2012. Three years later, SR refreshed the Tranquility Base lineup in 2015 with the addition of UEF Technology. SR have been building Tranquility Bases continuously since 2012 with minor running improvements along the way, but with no major overhaul or change to the fundamental design for the past decade, until now.
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    It comes in two different versions:

    Tranquility Base Carbon:

    • 18.5 x 16 x 0.75 inch
    • 180 sq/in Active UEF EM Cell
    • Ground Plane Technology
    • Solid Billet Aluminum with Carbon Fiber Top
    • 1 Single Lead MPC Power Supply
    • 1 sets MiG 3.0 ($295.00 Value)
    • US 110V $2495
    • Int 220V $2995

    Tranquility Base Carbon XL:

    • 20 x 23.25 x 0.75 inch
    • 340 sq/in Active UEF EM Cell
    • Ground Plane Technology
    • Solid Billet Aluminum chassis with Carbon Fiber Top
    • 1 Single Lead MPC Power Supply
    • 1 sets MiG 3.0 ($295.00 Value)
    • US 110V $3495
    • Int 220V $3995
    Synergistic Research MiG 3.0

    The new MiG 3.0 delivers an increased sense of space in the sound field plus improvements in low-frequency control and extension with high-frequency air and detail. All this with greatly enhanced resolution that is never fatiguing, plus a wall-to-wall holographic soundstage, including a sense of the performance enveloping your listening position. Listening notes: comparing MiG’s to isolation footers based on dampening principles, you hear more extended dynamic range and spatial cues where dampened footers tend to have a flatter sound and lack dynamic extension. Isolation footers based primarily on draining mechanical vibration away from the component tend to sound bright with less sound stage layering and mid-range warmth when compared to MiG’s. Lastly, if you have a full suite of SR Tech, your best possible footers will likely be MiG’s, as they work on similar principles and have a similar house sound to SR cables, power products, and acoustic treatments.

    Review of the predecessor Tranquility Base:

    Steven Plaskin of concluded (July 2012):
    "...After living with the Tranquility Base for four months, I have come to the conclusion that it is an indispensable component in my audio system. The other day I replaced the Base with a Black Diamond Shelf with cones to see if I was deluding myself with this fancy component. After an hour of listening, the Tranquility Base had to be put back into my system. I have no doubt that we will be hearing more about the Synergistic Research Tranquility Base as other audiophiles discover this unique product..."

     "...I then turned on the active portion of the Tranquility Base by inserting the Silver Enigma tuning Bullet. All hell broke loose!! The soundstage became holographic in size, definition and focus were enhanced, and bass definition further improved. The noise floor dropped and background silence was simply stunning..."

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