Synergistic Research PHT (Phono Transducer)

Synergistic Research

$199.00 USD 


PHT grown in California, legal in all 50 states! Transform your turntable's performance dramatically with the NEW Synergistic Research PHT! PHT pronounced 'POT' is an acronym for "Phono Transducer" and is an evolution of SR’s award winning UEF technology. Available in two different strains, Type 'I' PHT adds a holographic ethereal dream like quality to your records while Type 'S' is all about focus and clarity with musicality. To get started simply apply 1 micro PHT transducer, Type 'I' or Type 'S' to the top of your phono cartridge or head-shell for an immediate and dramatic transformation. Improvements include a lower nose floor, increased resolution, improved bass extension with increased air, and sound staging.

Available in two distinct strains
Type 'I' PHT is called Blue Velvet. Its sound is ethereal, lush and holographic. You'll definitely 'trip out' the first time you experience your system on Blue Velvet! Type 'S' PHT is called Purple Haze. Its sound is focused, precise and musical. The first time you listen to your favorite records on Purple Haze you'll hear information you didn't know existed, presented in a most precise and musical way. Owning Blue Velvet and Purple Haze PHTs it's like having two high level state-of-the-art cartridges for the cost of a good stylus pressure gauge!

Future PHT crops
Every 90-days or so SR will have a new crop of 2 new strains of precision handmade micro PHTs, one Type 'I' and one Type 'S' for you to try in your system for 30-days risk-free. Should you collect all 8-strains of PHT in the first year you'll receive a free presentation case to hold all your PHT- plus one strain of PHT not available for sale, absolutely free! PHT's are sold for $125 each or $199 for two (one Purple Haze and one Blue Velvet). Crop yields are limited and when sold out, they're sold out. Initial PHT crop yield was 750 Blue Velvet and 750 Purple Haze precision handmade micro PHTs.

Michael Fremer of Stereophile wrote:

"...adding that blue PHT produced an ear-popping, Cinerama-like, wraparound soundstage, and an overall sound even less tethered to the speaker positions. The image focus was increasing razor sharpness, and there was greater front-to-back separation of sources within the soundstage... Decays were longer, and the backgrounds they faded into were 'blacker'... with the blue PHT in place the sound was clearly better overall, with improved focus, three-dimensionality, and transparency... "

Dato' Danon Han of Mono&Stereo wrote:

"...Synergistic Research PHT really work as advertised. I was jaw dropped as to its improvement over my analog set up. They are not expensive compare to the improvement gained. Please check them out and you may save quite a bit (or a lot) in your next upgrade. You can expect images solidifies, greater separation, cleaner mid and low, more dynamic and transient of energy, lower noise floor allowing the above to shine through and detail unheard of, and enjoy!"

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