Synergistic Research HDSX Meta Ground

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Synergistic Research HDSX MetaGround

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And now for something that could only come from the mind of Lead Designer, Ted Denney III — introducing MetaGround. Over the years, SR experimented with ground conditioning by first grounding the circuits inside components to the various Synergistic Research Ground Blocks and Active Ground Blocks. SR then discovered they could lower the noise floor of the cables by lifting the shield from the component ground and diverting it to an SR Ground Block. Next, SR experimented with grounding component racks and even the metal frame of SR's custom listening room for a noticeable lowering of the system’s noise floor.

Specifically, they heard a larger and more immersive sound field with improvements in low-frequency dynamics and control as they grounded more and more of what it is that makes up, supports, and surrounds the stereo system and listening room. Even high frequencies extended further and sounded smoother, a feat nearly impossible to accomplish. And this got Ted to thinking, "What if I grounded myself along with the system to the Galileo Ground Block SX? Would this carry a similar benefit?" SR built a prototype ground strap the following day and connected a listener to the Galileo Ground Block SX, where SR grounded the rest of the reference system, including Tranquility Bases, Cables, Racks, and the frame of the listening room - and guess what? The reference system got better when the listeners were grounded.

Grounding yourself to your system delivers improvements that start with more natural sound. Soundstaging is more realistic, with individual instruments and vocals taking on precise placement with improved high-frequency decay and smoothness. Even the bass is improved.

We realize this may be a stretch for many people to accept, so we make it easy for you to try before making a final decision and we offer as usual a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Global MSRP is $495.00, the length is 10ft (Extension cables available).

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