Synergistic Research GCT (Ground Circuit Transducer)

Synergistic Research

$299.00 USD 

Ground Circuit Transducers (GCTs) are engineered to clean up the ground in your components at the circuit level. Even if you are already using a ground filter, like the SR Active and Passive Ground Blocks, GCTs can create a dramatic effect. A variation of our popular ECT simply place GCTs near the grounding point in any circuit or component for an immediate improvement in sound quality. Noticeable benefits are increased warmth and harmonic richness, increased soundstage realism thanks to a lowering of your components noise floor, and increased musicality.

GCTs can also be used to increase warmth and richness when placed on or near fuses in your components. Simply adhere a GCT to your fuse holder, even if that fuse is at the back of your component or in the IEC port, and you'll hear added body and improved high-frequency response that is never fatiguing.

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