Synergistic Research Galileo MPC (Mini Power Coupler)

Synergistic Research

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Galileo Mini Power Couplers (MPC) improve nearly all aspects of Active Shielding, with soundstaging and air that extend beyond the boundaries of a listening room. Detail is enhanced thanks to a lower noise floor, for even greater clarity and transparency, delivering a more natural sense of the live event. Mid-range texture is improved with breathtaking “you are there” instruments and vocals.

Perhaps most surprising is the effect on low frequencies. The Galileo MPC delivers a significant boost to low frequency impact and control, improving bass response by one half to a full octave. In short, the Galileo MPC is a significant improvement to performance of Active Synergistic Research cables.

How does a standard MPC become a Galileo MPC?
Starting with a standard MPC, and gut it’s interior, discarding the capacitor, circuit board, and diodes. Next, Synergistic Quantum Tunnels the transformer’s primary wind in the direction of signal (electron) flow, followed by the secondary wind, again in the direction of signal flow. Finally, replacing the MPC’s standard capacitor with a custom, Quantum Tunneled Zap Cap™, and four Quantum Tunneled high-speed diodes.

The entire assembly is then point-to-point wired, replacing the standard circuit board. The entire circuit, lead wires, and all contacts are then Quantum Tunneled in the direction of signal flow. The result is nothing short of amazing!! The improvement must be heard to be believed. For Synergistic Active Shielding cable users an upgrade is a must and not an option! Nov. 2010

"...could enhanced power for the shielding make a difference? Well, you guessed it -- it did. The GMPCs brought greater clarity and transient speed, lower noise, and even more refinement than the standard MPCs. While using the GMPCs with the Cells brought a very nice improvement, the addition of a few more to my Tesla cables brought the equivalent of a significant component upgrade. Fair warning: Once you hear how the Galileo MPCs firm things up, there’s no going back..."
Check out the review on Ultra Audio.

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