Synergistic Research ECT (Electronic Circuit Transducer) Set of 5

Synergistic Research

$295.00 USD 

An exciting evolution of the ever-expanding UEF Technology engineered to balance close proximity electromagnetic fields in electronic circuits. When placed inside your components ECT's or Electronic Circuit Transducers transform ordinary electronics to the extraordinary, while elevating state-of-the-art components to unprecedented levels of refinement.

ECT's significantly improve the function of D to A chips, fuses, IC chips, vacuum tubes, capacitors, analog and digital cables and transformers. Now is your chance to experience the magic of UEF applied directly to your components and cables.

There might be situations where you don't have access to the inside of your components, but don't worry, in the manual are some suggestions on how to apply the ECTs to the outside of your component’s chassis, with an equally impressive performance upgrade to your components.



Steven Plaskin,, concluded:
"...the ECT has proven to be wonderful tweak in my system. I almost hesitate to call it a tweak at this point, since its use not only brought out the best in the components where it was applied, but significantly elevated their performance...resolution and transparency of the DACs and system seemed to improve with use of the ECTs. Background silence was also enhanced with the use of the ECTs in both of my DACs... ECTs will provide significant sonic benefits for your system. I feel that the Electronic Circuit Transducer is a truly remarkable product and will ultimately become one of SR's best selling products..." 

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